About me

About me

Hi, I'm Andrei Tarasevich
Product Design Team Manager · Product Design Consultant · Product Teams Manager
Since 2017 I have worked in Design Management positions, including Head of UX, UX/Product Design Director and Change Manager.
During this time I've focused on methods to create, launch and mentor design teams effectively while creating bespoke Design Team frameworks designed to drive productivity.

I've been working with international product companies for almost a decade, helping them succeed through simple, attractive and effective UX/UI Design. My professional design experience is focused on CRM, UX Architecture and delivering elegant solutions for highly complex systems in the enterprise, industrial and financial sectors.

As a recognized expert in the UX/UI Design field, I routinely consult and speak on the subject. Further, as an active member of the IT Community, I regularly participate in:
  • International and Local Conferences as a speaker on topics including UX/UI career development, best practice approaches to the design and development of UX
  • International hackathons as a mentor and adjudicator

When I'm not busy managing UX/UI Design teams, I practice industrial design as a hobby. For the last 20 years I've engineered and crafted musical instruments from scratch. This involves the full cycle of product engineering, the use of specialist technology, the sourcing and treatment of materials and tools, while also mastering the instruments themselves.

Career Summary

  • 25+ years of design experience (visual, industrial and UX/UI)
  • 10+ years of UX/UI Design experience in product and outsourcing companies
  • 7+ years of Design Team management experience
  • 17 Product teams created and launched
  • 6 Design Teams built
  • 4 companies consulted to help them build effective design methodologies

Skill Summary

  • Creation of the Product Teams with understanding the initial scope, skillset, methodology and team capacity needs
  • Developing and implementing processes for Product and Outsourcing Teams
  • Product Teams hiring and interviewing
  • Process building for Product and Design Teams
  • Design and Product Teams coaching and mentoring
  • Unification of the Design Team approach
  • UX/UI expertise and consulting
  • Product ownership
  • Technical documentation writing
  • Mobile, web and box applications design strategy on the Design and Development intersection.
  • Design Systems: starting from scratch, building, merging and management
  • Program Management: conducting the approach of scalable solutions, legacy and dependencies with another product in a product line or currently developed system
  • Driving of multiple distributed and multicultural product teams
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience of effective design team processes in SAFe, SCRUM and Kanban


CRM Systems
Payment Services
ERP Systems
Enterprise Solutions
Platform Solutions
Industrial Systems
Employees Management Systems
Product Lifecycle Management Systems
TV & Series Content Management Systems
Knowledge Management Systems

Career History

As an experienced UX Design Manager and UX/UI Designer, with over 20 years of insight, I am now committed to the next step of my career, seeking opportunities as a UX Design Director or Head of UX Design.
My career in UX/UI Design began in 2013, after an informative and varied career in design.
During my professional career in design, I worked across a range of vocations including print, industrial design, advertising and website development.
Since becoming a UX/UI Designer and Manager, I have worked with products, startups and established corporations to help them realize their objectives with my UI/UX design expertise, both directly and on a consulting basis.
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client.
This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Throughout my career, I have been committed to developing my Design and Management skills. To date, this has been achieved through actively pursuing and securing positions at a diverse range of organizations, while pursuing personal projects designed to challenge me when work did not.
Thanks to my previous design experience and management expertise, I was inspired to launch my Management and Mentorship practice in 2014. Since formation this endeavour has involved leading and mentoring design teams at outsourcing companies, supervising projects and formally coaching UX/UI Designers.
In 2017, I made it my career goal to achieve a UX Design Management position and actively pursued this through critically evaluating and building on my existing skillset, seeking to excel at creating and maintaining effective design teams, while mastering the design processes and methodology behind high performing Design Teams.
This drive helped me achieve my goal as Head of Design and UX Director in 2018.
In 2018, I co-founded DGTL Agency, which delivers bespoke consulting solutions to companies and specialists on Business Analysis and UX/UI/CX/Service Design. DGTL also specializes in developing and delivering courses and training in the same fields.
In October 2020 I started the Developmate – a voluntary Product Bootcamp initiative created to improve the experience of trainees and specialists and grow their chances of getting a dream job.

My founder role includes multiple management roles to create projects and teams from scratch. Composition, coordination, management, and mentoring of the teams.
  • 1000+ people trained
  • 26 product teams created
  • 4 project types practiced: mobile apps, web apps, mobile games, business research
  • 4 senior director-level people had grown
  • 180+ people on the projects simultaneously
The mission of the Developmate is to gain real experience for product and development teams trainees to improve people skillsets and grow up the efficiency of processes and approach of the teams.
We train the teams and individual specialists using the product approach framework. We evangelize an as-a-reality approach.
Now in 2023, I recognize that it is time for me to take the next step in my career. This is why I am actively seeking international opportunities as a C-level Manager.
For a full career history, please refer to my LinkedIn Profile.

My Professional Instagram

I have an Instagram blog in Russian about UX and Product Design Management for my trainees who strives to improve their professional skills in self-management & career. And for a better understanding of the Product approach.
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