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UX/UI Design Mentoring

As an experienced UX/UI Design Manager, I offer mentoring services to UX/UI Design Professionals.

My UX/UI Design Mentoring Program is designed to:
  • Help UX/UI Design Specialists improve their professional skills and achieve their career ambitions
  • Enable companies to increase the productivity and performance of Design Teams, while inspiring teams to expand their design practice
Every one of my Individual and Corporate UX/UI Design Mentoring Programs is tailor-made for the client. They are based on Design Best Practices and each company and Design Specialist's unique goals. UX/UI Design Mentoring includes an assessment of current skills and other crucial metrics, which informs the final plan.
Milestones - UX/UI Design Mentoring
Assessment of mentee &
goal formulation
Individual mentorship
Mentorship process
Alumni process

Analysis of Mentee & Goal Formulation

Assessment of knowledge & background
During the first session, we discuss the potential UX/UI Mentee's current background, initial goals and self-assessed weaknesses.
During this session, I conduct a short assessment on their UX/UI Design knowledge and
experience. I always endeavour to create a relaxed and safe environment in which the mentee feels comfortable to detail their experience.
SWOT analysis
During the first session, the UX/UI Design Mentee completes a personal and professional SWOT self-analysis.
This provides an insight into their motivations, strengths and weaknesses, enabling me to develop a program suited to their developmental needs.
SMART goals
Next the UX/UI Design Mentee completes a SMART goals form.
By analyzing their goals, I am able to create a personalized development plan, with clear
milestones and goals.
When the Mentee's goals do not match their current skills or experience, I provide recommendations on how their plans should be restructured.

Individual mentorship program

Grow points allocation
Through analyzing the knowledge, experience and goals of the UX/UI Design Mentee, I am able to map out their strengths and weaknesses, visually showing how they match to the competencies directly related to their goals.
This allows me to allocate Grow Points to the mentee, and establish a training program designed to strategically improve their skills and knowledge.
Setting milestones and deadlines
Once I have created a UX/UI Design Mentoring Program for the mentee, I break down the program into categories of knowledge and skills, creating a logical path with achievable goals and deadlines defined at every stage. For every milestone reached, I assess the mentee on their understanding of the subject, and readiness to move onto the next stage.

The Mentoring Process

  • Creation of an individual Knowledge Metric Document matching the mentee's Design Knowledge Base and qualification requirements
  • Creation of a task manager account for mentee, facilitating information sharing for learning and practical tasks

I use Trello, Google Docs, Jira and Confluence depending on the company or mentee's preferences.
Measuring progress
Progress against the mentee's goals is tracked weekly in their individual Learning Materials Document. This ensures that I am able to assess each mentee's progress quickly, enabling me to adapt their plan and provide them with extra support if required.

Consulting sessions
The Mentoring Program also offers Consulting Sessions, which give the UX/UI Design Mentee the opportunity to seek my advice on practical challenges.

This covers everything from:
  • Discussions of learnt theory
  • Answering general questions
  • Analysis of practical tasks based on previously learnt theory
  • Giving feedback and developing new task iteration plans
When every milestone is reached, I assess the performance of the mentee through assessments.

The goal of these assessments is to help me understand how much the mentee has learnt from the current step and how I can assess their readiness to start the next learning step.

This is a crucial step for any multilevel mentoring program, and helps me assess each learning program's effectiveness.

Alumni Process

Summary assessment
At the end of each mentoring program, to ensure that all goals and milestones are achieved each mentee completes a Summary Assessment.
The Summary Assessment is structured as an interview, where we go through every topic
and milestone covered during the learning period. This allows us to assess how each candidate has performed against the deliverables they have set.
Preparation for job interview
When a mentee's goal is to pass an interview with an employer, before finishing the program we review job description and employer details together.
Next we offer some interview training sessions and I provide advice for their covering letter and application.
If I have worked on a project or at the same company as a mentee, I will offer to give them a professional recommendation.

My recommendations always contain a description of:
  • The Mentee's Motivations
  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Methodology knowledge
  • Experience

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