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Product Bootcamp transforms your team's abilities by introducing them to new methodologies. They are practical courses that challenge teams to develop new products using unfamiliar working models.

Made for trainees and professionals, each project teaches you to use new tools and approaches to address real world problems. Giving participants the confidence and expertise to achieve their ultimate career goals.

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Product Bootcamp Details
My Product Bootcamp's Key Features
  • Gain experience working in a team as a Business Analyst, Designer, Product Manager, QA engineer or Developer.
  • Proudly present the final product and your experience on your portfolio. My Product Bootcamp projects are never under NDA, so you can always use them in your portfolio.
  • Receive Recommendations & References for your CV & Future Employers.
  • Gain an insight into Development Culture. Learn about planning, risk management, estimations and how to manage expectations

Who Can Join A Product Bootcamp?
  • Trainees – Have you recently graduated or want to change careers? Are you looking to gain practical experience for your next role? My Product Bootcamp projects are ideal for those with limited experience, looking to build a foundation of experience. Helping you achieve your dream job.
  • Practicing Specialists – Already a professional in design, business intelligence or software development? Looking to take the next step in your career? Joining my Product Bootcamp project will give you mentees to expand your professional growth. Helping you hone new skills and secure promotion.
What Do Projects Involve?
For every Training Project, we develop services and applications across a full development cycle. This gives everyone the opportunity to interact with the whole team and contribute to real work. This is all in an environment that mirrors Tech & Product Startups.

The objective of this exercise is not to teach you how to write code, documentation or design. It's to give you the tools and experience you need to solve problems and work in a team. It allows you to experience a new role or position that you want to apply for, but don't currently have the experience to do.

You'll gain real experience, the confidence and evidence that you are capable of working in your dream position.

Throughout the project, I coach everyone on both a team and individual level. This allows me to determine each participants' needs and recommended development areas. I also provide training on standard industry techniques and practices. This helps develop soft skills and an understanding of the nuances of teamwork and areas of responsibility.
Ultimately, this gives participants the tools they need to improve their chances of success in the labor market.
How Are My Product Bootcamp Projects Different
To Training Course Projects?
  • My Product Bootcamp Projects involve the creation of real products that we release.
  • Each project involves working with a real team under the guidance of practicing specialists.
  • I guarantee that none of these Product Bootcamp Training Projects will feature a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This means that you will always be able to freely include case studies, assets and more in your portfolio. Giving you material to advertise your professional expertise.
  • These projects are safe spaces. Trainees have the right to make mistakes and time and support required to address them.
  • We conduct coaching sessions to work through the most challenging obstacles as a team. This collaborative effort increases the effectiveness of the team as a whole.
  • Following the successful release of your project, you will receive feedback and references. This is in addition to support from leading industry specialists to secure employment.
  • We also promote industry-wide networking within the team.
The goal of the project is not to develop the product as quickly as possible, but to grow a good team. This is why we focus on how much time each member can devote, opportunities and everyone's current skills.
How the teams are formed
Typically, each Product Bootcamp Project Team consists of the following roles:
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • QA Engineers
This list is not exhaustive and I can add other roles on request. I launch a new Training Project when the number of requests for roles for current projects hits a minimum threshold.

We form teams flexibly, using the relevant project format for the product. The main criteria for inclusion is the ability to be able to effectively solve your assigned tasks and interact with each other. The composition of the team is determined by a range of factors. These include project criteria, technology, capabilities and time availability.
Types of Product Bootcamp Projects
I am committed to offering a wide range of types of projects to ensure that there's one to match your development needs.
Different projects work using different approaches. Each features different team interaction models and different approaches to task management.

Choose the type of project that fits how you want to work:
  • Small Project Teams
  • Complex Product Development Projects with large teams. Usually this involves the creation of micro-teams, which we synchronize in processes and approaches.
  • Products with a small to medium team that is part of a product ecosystem or product line.
  • Product Research Teams
My trainees' feedback
  • Julia Lopatina
    iOS developer
    On the project, I first faced the processes that take place in a team. I realized that a good team is one that quickly adapts to new circumstances, realized the importance of regular process optimization, the need to work on bugs. I realized that the team has to be connected every day for the project to live. I was interested in the interaction of people of different specialties in one single organism.
    Thank you very much for teaching you not to be afraid of Linkedin!
    The lectures on finding a job gave me confidence and taught me to be mindful of choosing a company. It was interesting to work on Kanban. In general, to delve into Agile approaches, although I perfectly understand what else to delve more and more)
    I consider the organization of task management to be an extremely important thing that needs to be reviewed periodically.
    It's actually great, we had the opportunity to make mistakes, then think about what to do with it. As a result, at an interview with experienced programmers, I was able to find a common language and talk about approaches to supported versions of iOS.
  • Oleg Kanatov
    iOS developer
    I am happy that I got on this project. Working on the project I saw all the stages of work in the development of a mobile application. I met the great guys who helped me start my way into programming.
    During the project, I learned how to work with such frameworks as UIKit, Foundation & Swiftgen. Received basic knowledge of working with Git, as well as tremendous knowledge of working with UI elements. Also, I understood in which direction I should move on and what to study.
  • Katerina Klimovich
    QA engineer
    This was my first practical experience in testing with a live team. Usually, I had a mentor role, but here I was a beginner. At first, it was very scary, but thanks to the team, we somehow easily solved all the issues. At the end of the MVP project stage, I got the confidence to change my profession, there were big doubts before, whether it was mine.
    Thanks for this chance! Thanks to the employment workshops, I understood my main problem in finding a job — that it is necessary to ask specific questions about work processes, ask what the employer expects from me, so that later there will be no misunderstanding and disappointment.
  • Andrei Khodzin
    Back-end developer
    While working on the Runar project as a back-end developer, I learned new approaches in the development of the server-side of the application, strengthened my knowledge of using non-relational databases, and gained experience in creating a collection of data with undefined nesting, strengthened my skills in using the version control system, worked out interaction with an independent by the client-side of the application I directly use the API.
    And most importantly, I gained experience working in a team on a project from the development stage to its release, constantly being in close interaction with the project team leader, project manager, as well as with the rest of the team, taking direct part in the full cycle of application creation.
  • Anastasia Shpakova
    Android developer
    During my participation in the project, I learned how to work in a team, I understood the functions of each team member (namely, the interaction between PM, designer, developers, testers).
    It's cool when you are not alone and you know that in a situation where, it would seem like a problem, and I don't know how to do it, your teammate comes to the rescue :)
    From an academic point of view, I mastered some new Android application development tools. In general, a cool idea, a cool project, and more such initiatives!
  • Timur Radzko
    Back-end developer
    Working on the project, I gained the experience of teamwork that every developer needs, which is usually not available in self-study.
    This experience will help in the future to better interact with the team: UX Designer, Quality Assurance Engineer and Business Analyst.
    Also, work on the project helped me to better understand the principle of interaction between the Front-End and Back-End parts of the application: in which format it is necessary to supply data to the Front-End part, the principles of building the correct API from the point of view of architecture. The experience in tracking work activity, its analysis and subsequent assessment of opportunities in matters related to their direct responsibilities was very useful.
    During the development, I independently studied and implemented several software products, which allowed me to grow as a professional and outline the necessary path for my further development.
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