My Services

As a UX & Product Design Manager with extensive management expertise, I provide the following list of services to help your business get to reality through product solutions.

My Services In Full
Building, Launching & Scaling Design
and Product Teams
Do you have a funded startup idea that you need to get off the ground?
Exceptional design is crucial to your project's success. To achieve it, you need a Design Team tailored to your business' unique needs.
Unfortunately, that's a lot harder said than done.

I have Design / UX Management expertise you need to build, launch and scale a Product or Design Team made to match your business or project needs. Having built many Design Teams from the ground up, I can help you build, launch and scale a Product or Design Team tailor-made for your business.

When building your Design Team, I carefully consider your:
  • Budget
  • The team's required qualifications
  • Personnel suited to your company's culture
My approach to team building ensures that your team always takes the most efficient approach to specific tasks. I do this by carefully aligning objectives to the methodologies best suited to your business.
Managing Product & UX Design Teams
Do you have a Design Team you're having trouble scaling?
Or are you having trouble achieving efficiency improvements?
I've developed a UI/UX Design Framework to help your company cover its strategic needs, while addressing pain points in your Design Team.

My UX Design Methodology uses the following principles:
  • Comprehensive management of the UX/UI development process
  • Proven strategies to deliver Design Team efficiency gains
  • Assessing and solving Design & Development Teams' cross-sectional pain points
  • Ensuring integration of a distributed and multicultural Design Team. Always with consideration of your company culture and objectives
  • Unifying design approaches, communication and deliverable management across your entire organization
Delivering Bespoke Design & UX Mentoring Programs
Do you need to improve your Design Team so they're ready to tackle new business challenges? Are you frustrated with their scaling, or having trouble implementing efficiency improvements?
As a trusted design professional, I can help you enhance your Design Team with Design Team Mentoring.

My Design & UX Mentoring Practice features:
  • Using my Design Mentoring Framework, I identify and address your company's strategic needs and pain points. Ultimately delivering efficiency gains to your design processes
  • Professional UX/UI Process and Framework development for Product Teams
  • Providing your designers with the tools they need to create scalable and reusable product solutions
  • Delivering comprehensive, tailor-made UX Design Mentoring Programs for Corporate Clients & Design Specialists
  • Organizing and presenting developmental UX/UI Design Workshops
Product & UX Design Strategy Consulting
Do you need to scale your product or prepare for future scaling in your product line? Scale with confidence and achieve more with my Product & UX Design Strategy Consulting Services.

My Product & UX Design Strategy Consulting Services include:
  • UX & Usability Auditing
  • Reliable, reusable design and implementation solutions made for your business
  • Designing scalable frameworks made for your teams
  • Product & design solution scaling strategies
  • Powerful team culture frameworks, made for careful budget management and targeted training strategies
Hire A Dedicated Product / UX Design Team
Do you have an innovative idea that you want to develop and test using the Lean approach? Or do you need a Design Team to help speed up the development of your project?
I have a pool of experienced designers, hand-picked and available for hire individually or as a Design Team.

Bring your Product, UX, UI and Web Design aspirations to life today. My Product/UX Design Team is ready to cover the specific needs of your business or project. With a range of reliable professionals, my Design Team has various skill-sets. The team has specialists in UX, interaction, user scenarios and interface design for both web and mobile platforms.

As a multi-talented team of professionals, we offer the following sector expertise:
  • Automotive
  • Billing
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Banking & Finance
  • Education & Professional Development and more
Need an experienced expert Design Manager
to build, launch, scale and transform
your Product or Design Team?

Let's discuss how we can kickstart
your design project now.
Need an experienced expert Design Manager to build, launch, scale and transform your Product or Design Team?

Let's discuss how we can kickstart your design project now.