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My Practice

Since November 2020, I have worked as a Startup Founder. To date, I have launched two of my own startups, the Runar App & Profolio.
Other projects: Wjobot, CVmailer, CVadvisor, CVparser, Presale Calc, Runar Match, Runar Battleground, Bear Game are currently in a very early development stage.

How I Build Development Teams for Startups

To build effective teams for each startup, I recruit trainees and mentors. By using teams with mixed experiences, I'm able to provide valuable development opportunities to both novices and seasoned professionals.

Projects help junior team members achieve practical goals that develop their professional competencies. Additionally, the real-world experience provided helps them shine in the labor market. Each mentor is usually an experienced IT professional. Startup projects allow them to improve their leadership skills and build experience in new roles.

Currently, my experience as a Startup Founder detailed here focuses on the Runar App & Profolio. This is because Wjobot, CVadvisor, CVparser, Presale Calc, Runar Match, Runar Battleground, Bear Game are currently are still in the R&D phase.

As Startup Founder, my responsibilities throughout the development of Runar are as follows: Visionary, Team Coach, Design Team & Management Mentor and Product Owner.

Bespoke Teams For Bespoke Projects

At present, Profolio has a Product Team of 18 people. Already, this is a much larger project than the Runar App. In comparison, during the first iteration phase Runar had a team of four people. As the app entered its second iteration, Runar's team increased by 6 trainees and two mentors.

Runar App and Profolio feature different approaches, scope definitions, decompositions and team frameworks. Both represent different approaches to building Startups, and different developed competencies.
Runar App
The beta version of the Runar App was recently released on Android. Development on the app continues as we add new features and refine the app. The final release will be on iOS and Android platforms.
A mixed team of trainees and senior developers have staffed the app's development team. In the team, the senior developers have acted as mentors to the trainees, using my Mentorship Program. This approach has supported the professional development of both the trainees and mentors.
The project has developed mentees' technical skills, allowing them to use methodologies in a real world setting. For senior developers and designers, the project has honed their management & mentoring skills.
Runar Match
Runar Match is match-3 mobile game with a narrative based on Scandinavian mythology and Sagas.
Profolio is an innovative new platform designed for professional portfolios. The tool allows private and corporate users to generate, manage their professional portfolios. Made for sharing, the Profolio generates portfolios for employers, clients and corporate organizations.
The platform simplifies portfolio creation by standardizing checklists, improving management and publishing.
At present, the Profolio Design Team features senior Project Managers and Business Analysts. These professionals are supported by Product Design Trainees.
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