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Projects Summary

Explore the most recent highlights of my UX/UI design practice.
As an UX/UI designer, I have in-depth experience in designing enterprise, industrial and medical systems. All of which require a meticulous and rigorous approach.

Projects from official Customers' sources

With over 8 years of experience in UX/UI Design, I have worked on a whole host of platforms, designing for both web and mobile environments, there were 50+ commercial projects in total.
Through this, I have developed a considerable understanding of platform restrictions. Working for a range of clients has helped me become an adaptable manager, focused on achieving deliverables. I always work to an exceptional standard, while meeting technology compatibility requirements.

I take care of commercial confidence. Due to NDA, I can't share any confidential information regarding the outcome, business logic and product values.
But I'm excited to have the possibility to provide the links to the official sources of my Customers and highlight the result of my values delivered for the products as a Designer and Design Manager.


Please check the following showcases highlighting my approach to product solutions based on the business goals.
The examples on my website are not exhaustive. This is because some of the projects that I've worked on have been subject to NDAs. I can present and talk through some of these examples in private, or over the phone.
My Clients
Understanding the limitations of NDA, I can't post the most interesting and complex projects in my experience. Therefore, I can post the list of clients for whom I had worked as a Designer and Design Manager.
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