CRM Main Menu Redesign

Upservice.io is a Customer Relationship Management platform designed for the service industry, available on mobile and web, it delivers correspondence collated onto a single platform, task management features, and a peer-reviewed jobs board.

I was tasked with enhancing Upservice's CRM system and upgrading the Appservice's UX and interaction design on web and mobile platforms. Further, I was tasked with establishing frameworks and design standards for the internal Upservice Design Team through mentoring and workshops.

What I had to work with:
  • Functional requirements, user roles and existing UI styles and layouts
  • Links to the company's latest mockups and access to builds for testing
  • Onboarding workshops with stakeholders
Role & Duration

My Role: Product Design Consultant

Team: Team lead, UI/UX Designer, Business Analyst, Frontend developer

Duration: 1 week
Project Challenges
    • Usability & UX – the platform's existing information and controls hierarchy was chaotic, leading to the confusion of users
    • Design Process – Initial designs lacked strong UX research and the internal team's expertise for designing user centred solutions was limited.
    This led to a weak overall design methodology which negatively impacted the platform's design consistency. These challenges were further compounded by the absence of an established Design System.

    My role in each phase

    • Interview with stakeholders and the team
    • Establishing the requirements for learning system documentation
    • User research, facilitated by card sorting and deep dives

    • Information architecture, specifically defining the UI structure and the information and controls hierarchy
    • Wireframing

    • Defining user research analytics deliverables
    • Solution suggestions informed by user research and my expertise
    • Design team mentorship
    Delivery & Validate

    • A/B test
    • Confirmation that the revised version aligned with the stakeholder’s initial vision
    User research - Card Sorting - Step 1.
    During the development stage of the project, I used card sorting to:
    • Define how to most appropriately name main menu categories
    • Developing a list of naming variants based on context and terminology
    This addressed challenges with the functionality of intuitive naming in Russian, which as a language is often not suitable for direct translations, as words in Russian can often carry very different connotations.
    User research - Card Sorting - Step 2.
    The second stage of card sorting was used to discover which app functions were most used by specific user groups. Outcomes of this research informed the design of menu points hierarchy for different user groups.
    Analytics of user research data
    • Categorisation of data by logical groups and quantitative features
    • Helped build a menu structure based on the primary need for different user roles
    • Optimising solutions to decrease the number of variants
    • User research analytics
    • Solution suggestions based on user research and expertise
    • Card sorting user research mentorship sessions for the Design Team
    • A team mentoring session on the data driven design approach and how they should apply it to their own work
    • The project presented a significant scope of work and dependencies which were hard to prioritise and required a deep system approach
    • A limited time availability of 40 hours per month
    • Different feature scopes for web and mobile platforms made delivering a design consistent on all platforms the harder option
    Thanks to insights achieved from user research sessions, I was able to make clear suggestions for the first design iteration and had time to work on more iterations of app improvements with the team, which were tested.

    The outcome:
    • 70% decreased users' mistakes by user testing results: the menu with improved structure, naming system and information hierarchy became more intuitive
    • Dramatic reduction of clicks and menu levels required for different user roles to achieve their primary goals
    • An upskilled internal team, who learned and practiced card sorting user research & data driven design approach
    • Delivery of a comprehensive workshop for the design team on a data driven approach to UX solution
      System menu redesign result. Before and after.

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