Runar App

Runar App is a mobile app that allows users to the atmosphere of Scandinavian culture, knowledge of the inner and outer world through fortune-telling on runes.
And getting to know the sagas and meanings of the runes.
Additionally, Runar app generates runic patterns based on user-picked runes and creates background wallpapers for devices.

The app was created by my idea to improve the effectiveness of my mentees' education in UX & Product Design. We started as a product team of 3 people, and the project team has grown to the full cycle team with BA, BI, Developers and QA.

What I have to work with:
  • App idea
  • Creation of the product team of trainees
  • App design concept creation
  • Product team direction
  • Full cycle of product design driving
Role & Duration

My Role: Visionary, Product Owner, Design Mentor, Product Director

Team: Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, Business Analyst, Android Developers, iOS Developers, Backend Developers, Dev Team Lead, Business Intelligence

Dates range: October 2020 – current time.
Project Challenges
    • Design team mentoring – as far as my Runar project team is created of trainees, it took a huge amount of my energy driving people to achieve project goals and start to work on the appropriate quality level. This way, I created the concept myself and then conducted a row of workshops for the designers to align my vision and approach with them.
    • Product features creation – I'm the key person on the project and combine 4 roles here. And the challenge was to involve the team in the process of features improvement without my deep involvement through responsibilities area description and product mindset alignment in the team.
    • Unique content creation – delivering value for our users, Runar App should have unique content to be different from a huge amount of analogs. For the first step our team worked collaboratively on the writing of a Runes description, formulas and additional information. This practice was not efficient, and my decision was to order copywriting of the content. That was the challenge for the entire team to make a non-profile job and work with a huge amount of content.

    My role in each phase

    • Product Team direction on the Discovery stage
    • Interview with the team as a visionary and business stakeholder
    • Establishing the requirements for the process and documentation
    • Research of competitors, community and Target Audience interviewing

    • Product Team direction on the Definition stage
    • Name of the app
    • Mind maps
    • User flows
    • Wireframing
    • UI structure, information and controls hierarchy
    • Visual concept & logo

    • Product Team direction on the Development stage
    • Design team mentorship
    • Design solutions generating
    Delivery & Validate

    • Product Team direction on the Delivery stage
    • Development team support control
    Competitors analysis
    Mind maps
    Wireframes + Click Model
    Logo & Visual Concept
    • TBD
    Features List Definition & MVP
    Product Implementation Support
    Unique Content Creation
    • The project presented a significant scope of work and dependencies which were hard to prioritise and required a deep system approach
    • A limited time availability of 40 hours per month
    • Different feature scopes for web and mobile platforms made delivering a design consistent on all platforms the harder option
    Thanks to insights achieved from user research sessions, I was able to make clear suggestions for the first design iteration and had time to work on more iterations of app improvements with the team, which were tested.

    The outcome:
    • 70% decreased users' mistakes by user testing results: the menu with improved structure, naming system and information hierarchy became more intuitive
    • Dramatic reduction of clicks and menu levels required for different user roles to achieve their primary goals
    • An upskilled internal team, who learned and practiced card sorting user research & data driven design approach
    • Delivery of a comprehensive workshop for the design team on a data driven approach to UX solution
      System menu redesign result. Before and after.
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